Joseph Mark Glazner

Joseph Mark Glazner, Author


Joseph Mark Glazner is an internationally acclaimed author of eight mysteries and one memoir.


His latest mystery MurderLand, A Crime Novel (Joseph Mark Glazner, Toronto, 2018) is his first novel in thirty years.


Legendary American-Canadian true crime author and mob expert, James Dubro had this to say about it:


“A black, comic, highly suspenseful literary thriller of the mob and conspiracy-theory myths that permeate American pop culture. MurderLand is a hugely entertaining look at the dark side of the American dream, particularly through the author's invention of MurderLand—a landmark tourist trap of murder-related memorabilia set in the center of the old, tacky, Coney Island-like entertainment district overlooking Niagara Falls.


"Definitely one of the best books I've read in a long time. You'll never see the picturesque innocent honeymoon capital of the world again in the same way after reading this unique, gritty literary tour de force which is both wacky and profound.”


- James Dubro, Past President, Crime Writers of Canada; Author of Mob Rule: Inside the Canadian Mafia, Dragons of Crime, and Other True Crime Bestsellers; Derrick Murdoch Award Winner and two-time Arthur Ellis Award Nominee


In 2017, Glazner also published Life After America, A Memoir about the Wild and Crazy 1960s, and the first of several stand-alone memoirs in the works about growing up and coming of age in Mid-Century Modern America and Canada.


Life After America is an upbeat memoir about Glazner’s life as a young American, who left the US for Canada during the wild and crazy 1960s and found a place in history helping John Lennon kick-start his “War Is Over” campaign.


Glazner recounts with dark humor and the eye of a veteran thriller writer his nearly bungled escape from the US, fly-by-night jobs as a new immigrant, the pitfalls of love in an era of sexual revolution, and a stint writing tabloid stories about UFOs that kill people and sheep.


"I was told if I left America, I would ruin the rest of my life. I left anyway and was dazzled by what I found."




Joseph Mark Glazner is also the author of five crime novels written under his own name, including Smart Money Doesn’t Sing, and two crime novels under his pen name Joseph Louis, including the Shamus and Arthur Ellis nominated Madelaine.


In addition, he is a co-writer of the cult science fiction feature film The Shape of Things to Come. His by-lined and ghost-written articles have appeared in such diverse newspapers and periodicals as Executive, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Sunday Express (Montreal), Omni, Cavalier, The Five Cent Review, and Midnight.




Glazner had also run a think tank and provided communications advice to governments and corporations in Canada, United States, and the Bahamas.




Glazner grew up in rural Warrenville, New Jersey. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California (psychology, magna cum laude) and an elected member of Phi Beta Kappa. He and his partner Joanie Shirriff live in Toronto, Canada.




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